Oh, sweet November. You have come in like a hurricane. And while I wouldn't exactly say I hate you (you have brought us amazing trips with family), you taught me a completely new respect for downtime. I could write an entire post on the lessons that November has taught me but instead I'll focus on the trip at hand, the Jelly Belly factory!


The Jelly Belly factory is a pretty short drive from where Mike lives in California. He had never been and I was interested so we decided it would be something fun to do between spending time with family. We had a good time but were bummed that you can't take pictures inside the factory. They do give you samples of the jelly beans along the way though which is how we discovered that neither of us hate the sweet treat as much as we thought we did. I am now a believer in the sweet taste of jelly beans, in moderation of course. Some of the flavors we tried were plum (our fave), pomegranate, and Tabasco which left a pretty lasting kick. We also discovered our new weakness. That mudslide (pictured above) can bring a grown man to his knees and make a wicked woman change her ways! Okay, that was a little country but it was that good! We enjoyed the Jelly Belly factory but are ultimately thankful that there are states between us and those mudslides. Seriously, I felt an addiction forming. If you happen to be in Fairfield, CA it's a pretty cool laid back thing to do.