This Rebecca Minkoff 'Craig' bag is the best bag ever! It is the lifestyle bloggers dream but should be every on-the-go girl's bag of choice and I'll tell you why!

  1. For starters, it's small! Not "Dang I can't fit anything in here" small, but the perfect small that doesn't allow for carrying around all the unnecessary junk (you know... ten lipsticks, twenty pens, and the peanut crumbs from the last flight you were on). BONUS: It's super light. I get headaches from toting my camera everywhere in bigger bags and that is the ultimate mood killer for taking good pictures.
  2. Everything has it's place! The main compartment fits my Sony NEX 5-R perfectly! It hugs my camera just right so I don't have to worry about it getting banged up and dented when I throw my bag down and forget there is a camera inside (don't act like you don't do this too!). The front pocket is perfect for always having the My Beach Is Better business cards on hand. I leave about twenty in there so that I am never without. I also throw some of my work ones in the mix as well as my essentials: license, debit card, credit card. That is, if they are not stashed in Mike's wallet. The side zipped pockets are great for stashing memory cards and  lipsticks!
  3. I can take it EVERYWHERE! I like to think of myself as a pretty practical dresser. You usually won't find me in heels or anything over the top but I like to have pieces in my wardrobe that can translate to most occasions with minimal effort. This is that bag. It's my go to camera bag but when I'm at a work conference or somewhere where my camera isn't needed I just empty it out and replace the camera for a small notepad for taking notes and a pen and I'm ready to go!
  4. It's just plain cute! The quality is amazing. I'm pretty rough on things but I've had this bag a few weeks and there is no sign of wear at all. My bag is black and green and while I hesitated over the color combo at first I haven't worn an outfit yet that I didn't love it with.

So there you have it! The Rebecca Minkoff 'Craig' bag is the cutest little bag that I ever did see. You can get one here. You can see how I wore mine here and here. Mine is a slightly different version but I can't seem to find the exact match to mine. I purchased mine from a Bloomingdale's outlet for just around $100 so it was the perfect introduction to Rebecca Minkoff's gorgeous bags without breaking the bank! Would you rock this bag? What bag do you use to tote your camera around?