NG Eats: Fellinis, Atlanta, Ga.


Fellini's is one of those gems in Atlanta that you always forget is in your backyard. There's pretty much a Fellini's in every major town in and surrounding Atlanta. After seeing STOMP, I decided that pizza was the dinner/late night snack the night called for. When I'm in Dallas trying all the new places I forget about the places back home that I love so much. I was excited to introduce Mike to pizza I've been eating for years! 


I got a slice of white which has various cheeses including feta (yum) and also a slice of pepperoni. Mike got a slice of the special which has olives, sausage, and some other meats. I've never had a slice there that I didn't love. And if I do say so myself, I think this Atlanta staple is now a favorite of Mike's as well!  


A man that goes out with you on a night the 49ers are playing is a man that deserves to watch said game while you eat pizza and drink beers. I'm just saying. It was a good night! If you are in the Atlanta area definitely give it a try. You can see the locations here.