Dean's First Football Game.

This weekend something momentous happened. Nugget went to his football game and he loved it! No really, he stayed up, laughed, and smiled the entire time. One of Mike's friends is a coach at Birmingham-Southern College and they were playing in Lagrange, GA which is a little less than an hour and a half away so we made the trip! It was hot and sweaty but also lots of fun. I am so glad football season is back. You know how they say "Happy wife, happy life", well football time equals a husband that's fine? Eh, that didn't work but my husband loves football which makes football season pretty awesome. I can't wait to get Nugget to more games soon!

This was the sweetest thing. This little boy appeared to be lost and the people we were with said they saw him wandering around for a while. These two officers walked hand in hand with him around the stadium trying to find out where his parents were. I'm not sure how the story ended but in a world where you log on to Facebook and all you see are cops being torn down, it was nice to witness the good first hand.