Mama is Breaking.

Or mama needs a break. I'm not really sure which one it is right now. You ever feel like you're doing one hundred things at once? I have too many things on my to-do list that it's become rather daunting. I'm currently rebranding and preparing to relaunch Akia + Company, my photography business, I have more posts written as drafts that need to be finished than I care to admit, my full time job is becoming rather busy, and add to the list being a mama and wife. Yikes.

Last night my break came in the form of a 100.9 degree temperature. I think God knew I wasn't going to slow down on my own. So while it wasn't a spa day by any means, hubs picked up Dean duties over night and I slept on the playroom couch in a hot sweat trying to avoid passing any contamination over to my boys. My temperature has since broke and I'm trying to take it easy today.. and well, most days going forward. I know a world without spinning is a little too much to ask for as a mama but here's to at least keeping the spin cycle on slow. Can all my mama's raise a glass? A glass full of wine of course! Cheers.