Cousins Maine Lobster Atlanta.

When we went to Atlanta Street Fest, the food truck festival, a few weeks ago the winner of the entire event was Cousins Maine Lobster. The festival had more attendees than they expected which made lines extremely long and we weren't able to get to this truck during that day. Mike and I have never needed an excuse to go try good food so when we heard that they were announced winner we knew we needed to track them down and give it a try. Which we did, the very next day. Lucky for us they park it right in Roswell (which isn't too far from us) every week and there's never a long line. We love it so much we've been back for more! I've never had lobster rolls before this and I never too much cared for lobster but these lobster rolls have made a believer out of me. Also, not pictured, the lobster tots are pretty bangin!