A DIY Craft Baby Shower for Baby Dean.

Almost a month ago (wow, that sounds crazy to say. where is time going?!) we welcomed family and friends into our home for an afternoon baby shower and housewarming. I hate being the center of attention (seriously skipped a bridal shower and those kinds of activities because I can't take it) so the goal of the day was to create a laid back environment where our friends and family could relax, make something special for baby Dean, and enjoy the evening celebrating with us. 

I decided pretty early on that I was going to take the DIY approach and do everything myself.Our guest list was around 25 people so that helped keep it stress free and I also made a very conscious decision not to put the pressure on myself to make this a Pinterest/baby blog "perfect" affair. I truly just wanted to have a good time. The main rule, no games. I am all about playing games at other people's events but they never have seemed really up my alley. So in place of games (like 'Don't say baby!') we did crafts. I wasn't sure how people would like it but I actually ended up needing more supplies! Who knew adults loved tapping into their inner kindergartener every once in a while?

In the weeks leading up to the baby shower I thrifted about 30 onesies in different sizes. We had two stations for tie-dying them and/or putting on an iron on message. It was fun seeing people put serious thought into their designs and even more special that Dean will be able to wear their creations. The last activity was painting little wooden race cars for Dean. People took this very seriously and with only 9 cars people were a little bumped that they couldn't paint one. The 9 cars we did get turned out pretty amazing though! To wrap up the afternoon we opened gifts and continued to tie-dye every blank surface in sight. It was seriously perfect and we are beyond blessed.