Spodee Floats.

Spodee Wine has has solidified it's spot as a favorite in this house. It's wine with a kick and what we call in the south, hooch! You may remember that Mike and I made Spodee (Red) chocolate cupcakes a few months ago. They were delicious and probably one of the things I've made Mike that he's undeniably loved. Spodee released a White version of their tasty drink and sent us over a bottle to try! Now that we are officially into fall I figured summer needed one last send off so we made Spodee floats!

We mixed 1 part Spodee White with 2 parts cream soda and then topped with ice cream! For fall, I think we will try Spodee Red floats substituting cream soda for coke. Seriously, so good. And who can say no to floats?! We surely can't.

*This is a sponsored post by Spodee Wine but the opinions are all my own.