Sur La Table Date Night.

One of my favorite things to do with Mike is cook. It's always a nice little reminder of how well we work together but with an added bonus, delicious food! After our first experience with Sur La Table's Date Night courses we knew that this would be one of our favorite get together and unwind things to do. The teachers are amazing and the recipe's are easily duplicated at home. Which is key because how much would it stink to fall in love with a dish (which you will) and feel defeated because you can't recreate it yourself? We made this salmon dish a few days later and I have made the crostada a few times for Mike. Yes, I am now classifying myself as a professional pastry chef. I think that's allowed after two successful desserts.

And as testament to my new found culinary skills, behold... the crostada! Sur La Table even gave me my props on Instagram so you know it's real.