Dean's First Football Game.

This weekend something momentous happened. Nugget went to his football game and he loved it! No really, he stayed up, laughed, and smiled the entire time. One of Mike's friends is a coach at Birmingham-Southern College and they were playing in Lagrange, GA which is a little less than an hour and a half away so we made the trip! It was hot and sweaty but also lots of fun. I am so glad football season is back. You know how they say "Happy wife, happy life", well football time equals a husband that's fine? Eh, that didn't work but my husband loves football which makes football season pretty awesome. I can't wait to get Nugget to more games soon!

This was the sweetest thing. This little boy appeared to be lost and the people we were with said they saw him wandering around for a while. These two officers walked hand in hand with him around the stadium trying to find out where his parents were. I'm not sure how the story ended but in a world where you log on to Facebook and all you see are cops being torn down, it was nice to witness the good first hand. 

Mama is Breaking.

Or mama needs a break. I'm not really sure which one it is right now. You ever feel like you're doing one hundred things at once? I have too many things on my to-do list that it's become rather daunting. I'm currently rebranding and preparing to relaunch Akia + Company, my photography business, I have more posts written as drafts that need to be finished than I care to admit, my full time job is becoming rather busy, and add to the list being a mama and wife. Yikes.

Last night my break came in the form of a 100.9 degree temperature. I think God knew I wasn't going to slow down on my own. So while it wasn't a spa day by any means, hubs picked up Dean duties over night and I slept on the playroom couch in a hot sweat trying to avoid passing any contamination over to my boys. My temperature has since broke and I'm trying to take it easy today.. and well, most days going forward. I know a world without spinning is a little too much to ask for as a mama but here's to at least keeping the spin cycle on slow. Can all my mama's raise a glass? A glass full of wine of course! Cheers. 

Being Alone, Together.

The other night, Mike and I sent Dean to Gigi's because I had to go into the office and Mike had a flight to Tampa for work early the next morning. This was before Dean started daycare so we figured it'd be easy to send him to Gigi's the night before than to get up at an excruciating hour to get him to her. With the house to ourselves we debated for a while on whether we should go out or stay in. Finally we settled on making Trader Joe's Chinese food (seriously, so good). We turned on Netflix and worked together on our meal while we sipped wine, laughed, and caught up on each others week.

Mike has had to travel more for work recently and while I am so proud of his hustle, I don't always realize (or have the time to stop and think about) how deeply I miss him when he's gone. I would get caught up in being a full time mama with a full time job that still had errands to run and meals to eat (please tell me I'm not the only mama that forgets to eat!). That night, cooking with my hubs, I knew how much I enjoyed him, but as I sat at work the next day it started to sink in how much I enjoyed our alone time together. While Dean goes with Gigi often (once every weekend or so), we usually eat out and spend our meal time people watching or planning what movie we're going to see. 

Something about being alone with my husband, truly alone, refilled my love tank so completely. I think we talked about that night for the following few days. So I've decided to try and use our alone time more intentionally. While we love a good night out or a day date I also now see the value in keeping it low-key and intimate. Here's to making more of those nights happen, soon!

^ This is what shooting with Mike really looks like! ^

^ This is what shooting with Mike really looks like! ^

San Francisco Mini Shoot.

If you follow along with our little family on Instagram you know that this past weekend we took a trip (and Dean's first flight's!) to San Francisco to introduce Dean to Mike's family. I'll be back soon with posts on what I packed for travel with and infant and tips for making your flights with baby as painless as possible and LOTS more, but until then here are a few shots that a good friend of ours Kristin, snapped of us while we were walking back from breakfast one morning. They turned out super cute so I had to share. Family pictures are the way to my heart. I mean, can you really ever have too many?

Atlanta Street Food Festival 2015.

Summers in Atlanta are filled with so much to do and admittedly, we don't take advantage of it enough. However, when I noticed that tickets for the Atlanta Street Food Festival were up on Groupon I sent out an invite in my 'Sisters' group chat and we all decided we were in. Along with our men we headed into the city for all the food truck delicacies we would handle. Or so we thought. While the food we had was amazing, lines were absolutely bananas! I'm talking waiting in line for forty minutes to two hours long! I just don't think they were ready for the turn out but in addition to what we were able to eat it made for some great people watching! 

Some of the trucks we tried were Yumbi, Freckled and Blue, the Queen of Cream ice cream truck, and of course the King of Pops truck (they were the desert of our poptail hour at our wedding!). None of them disappointed! The winner of the Street Fest was actually Cousins Maine Lobster and although we wanted to try them the lines were daunting and it wasn't worth it at the time but Mike and I did track them down to try them the next day and I'll share that soon! Spoiler alert: it was AMAZING!

^ Sweet Water Blue. The perfect way to set the tone for the day! ^

^ Sweet Water Blue. The perfect way to set the tone for the day! ^

^ Yumbi was actually the first food truck I had years ago! ^

^ Yumbi was actually the first food truck I had years ago! ^

^ We discovered the shoes made the perfect drink holders! Sadly, I can not take credit for this discovery, but it's genius! ^

^ We discovered the shoes made the perfect drink holders! Sadly, I can not take credit for this discovery, but it's genius! ^

Needless to say I'm already trying to find out what we're going to do next! Any local festival you're attending in your city this summer?

Here's to Us - Year One!

You made me promise that I wouldn't get you any presents or even buy a card so I agreed. You said our vacation was our mutual gift for each other from ourselves and that would be enough. Which it totally is... but I wouldn't be your wife if I didn't slightly bend the rules and write you this post. And because you never accepted the invite to become an editor on the blog that I sent you years ago you surely won't see this until it goes live. So I'm only half way breaking my promise because a blog post is only kind of like a card. 


When I married you a year ago I promised I'd always start and finish with you. I pray that I'm holding up my end of the bargain. This year we've done so much. We got pregnant, both got new jobs, sold the condo, bought a house, had our little nugget, and so much more. Please believe me when I say I wouldn't trade this year with you for a million lifetimes with anyone else. You're the alpha in our wolf pack and I love it. I am so proud to be your wife and so honored that you chose me to do life with. I couldn't ask for much more than the way you support and encourage me. You tell me I beautiful when I don't believe it, dry my tears when I feel like I'm caving, and say "ok, but we need to tighten next month" every month when I see something that I swear I just have to have. Dean and I are so lucky to have you to lean on and I pray that you feel supported by us a well. We love you more than all the fish nuggets in all the Trader Joe's across America. You are my everything.

^ Our first dance & first dance song! ^

A Perfect Party.

As I mentioned here, we went to a birthday party with baby Dean this weekend! The birthday girl was one of my best friends and one of my best friends, Vanessa! When we were planning it out she knew she wanted something low key and intimate but still lots of fun! She settled on an ice cream social and we got to pinning and planning. I took over charge of the photo backdrop, photo booth props, and tags for the food! It all came together so nicely and we all had a great time. Seriously, there were only about 12 of us but you still had to scream talk because everyone was laughing and debating (the guys). I don't think it could have gone any better!

Being the photographer of the group, I naturally came with camera in hand. Here are a few of my favorite snaps!


Nesser, we hope you had a great birthday! Love you mucho!