Review: Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail.

As a family, we have become pretty obsessed with Tommee Tippee products. As you might remember, a few months ago they sent over some of their bottles for us to try and we got hooked. No really, he has four that are strictly for daycare, another 6 or so that we use around the house and Gigi has a set for herself for when Dean is over there. It took us a couple different tries with bottles to find one that worked but I'm happy to report that we are still in love with them! About a month ago they sent us over their Simplee Diaper Pail to try out and it's safe to say we're a fan of that now too. 

Before we received the Simplee Diaper Pail we were using a random diaper bucket that we found at Buy Buy Baby. Our selection process was solely based on what would fit in with our decor and wasn't covered in pastel baby colors. The funny thing is, we thought we didn't have that big of an issue with it. It was big, it closed, and was white so it ticked off all the check marks. There was a little smell in his room (being totally honest!) when he had a few especially full diapers but other than that no big deal. Or so we thought! I think in actuality we must have been living in a Febreeze commercial and we were the nose blind family. So after a month or so living with it here's what we think!

This thing is small but mighty. It's about half the size of the one we had before. I feel like we could go weeks (not literally) without changing the bag in the previous diaper bucket. Being smaller, we have to change it every 3 to 4 days. Dean is in daycare so they do most of the diaper changing during the day so there are less diaper changes at home. The box it says it holds about 18 size 1 diapers and even though Dean is in size 3 now I would say I feel it's pretty accurate. I just changed the bag this morning and there were 14 size 3 diapers in it. Yes, I counted through dirty diapers just for you! 

It's pretty impressive how well it contains the smells. Dean is currently on meds for an ear infection and anyone who has had a baby on medication knows their bodies can produce some pretty potent smells. There are no lingering smells with this bad boy. The magic is all in the way that pail is sealed. The top clicks shut but there is also a trap door of sorts that contains smells. You push the diaper through the door and diapers live in their contained baggie until it's time to change the bag! 

At first we thought that the size was going to be a downer. After living with it definitely isn't and having a smaller diaper pail is totally worth the trade off of having a wonderful smelling baby's room at all times! Also to note, you have to use refills with this pail. The good news is that they aren't expensive and Amazon has them on sale! Win. 

If you give this diaper pail a try let me know! Are you using one that's works especially good for you? I'd love to know!

10 Tips for Traveling With an Infant.

After testing it out, it's time that I share with you our 10 tips for traveling with an infant. Earlier this summer we took Dean, then just over 3 months old, on a total of four flights and two four hour car rides within about a week and a half. I did all the research I possibly could on Pinterest and asked friends for their tips as well so I wasn't completely freaking out the entire time but could feel in control. Here's what we learned. 

  1. Anything can be a toy, but packing a new toy is a good idea. This was one of the tips I took from Pinterest. Before our trip I went and raided Target's infant toy section. I found a few items on clearance (like Sophie the Giraffe, that he still loves to gnaw on) and then put them away so that during our flight they were new and would be interesting to him. This was particularly useful as the plane was getting ready to descend and he was getting restless. We also found that an empty water bottle that you could squeeze and make noise with got the job done too after the novelty of his new toys wore off. 
  2. Find and use the family bathroom. This one seems obvious but when the family bathroom is occupied (by a man and his dog) and you've got a fussy baby it may seem easier to just go into the women's restroom alone and get the changing done with. Don't. It is so worth the wait to get the extra real estate. If baby screams during diaper changes you don't have to see anyone's looks, you can take a potty break too, and if you're traveling with someone they are there to help out. I may never use the regular restrooms again.
  3. Never be more than a minute away from a babies food. This one is a super win for breastfeeding mama's. However, I stopped breastfeeding so for us, our go to are the ready made bottles (we love these!). Having ready made bottles were a dream come true when Dean was over travel and ready to eat right in the moment. In addition to our ready made bottles we had disposable nipples ready to go as well. We still had enough from our stay at the hospital to get through our trip, but will be stocking up soon because this combo is perfect for running around town as well. We also had formula in a formula dispenser for just in case situations. My fear was that TSA would take our ready made but we made it through with 3 bottles for each flight. I had them in a separate bag that was easy to access that made going through security pretty easy. 
  4. The window seat is a baby's best friend. Dean loved staring out the window and propping him up on our laps so he could enjoy the view was one of the things that calmed him the most. Additionally, if baby is in the window seat you don't have to deal with people needing you to get up every time they need to stretch their legs or use the restroom.
  5. Curious George will always come through in the clutch. Whatever show your kids likes, keep it queued to get to it fast. While Dean may be a little too young to really get shows, Curious George is one that he will always settle down and look at. This came in handy on our road trip in the car for keeping him entertained after we passed the three hour mark. 
  6. The closer to nap time the better. This was a godsend for us. For the most part, Dean slept through his plane trips. We would keep him up through the process of going through security and getting ready to board. After boarding, we got him fed and he slept pretty soundly the entire way. While this also meant that flights were at odd ours like 5am and we had to be out of the house by 3am, it ended up great because he was still so sleepy!
  7. Stay humble or get humbled. No matter how amazing things are going, don't get cocky. This was my downfall. Dean was incredible on his flights and although we went completely across county he never adjusted to the time change which meant he stayed pretty much on his schedule from home. It was awesome, until it wasn't. One night about half way through the trip he decided he wasn't going to sleep. At all. It was the first time since his first weeks that I felt defeated. We muscled through it and things did look back up but I will never assume things will be perfect. Ever. Again.
  8. Pack Excedrin and don't be ashamed to use it. Seriously, I get headaches. Especially when I'm tired and my baby is fussy. In public I think we don't give ourselves enough grace so we add to the stress by just trying to keep everything together. Hand baby to whoever you may be traveling with, walk away, take the pills and return a new woman. 
  9. Organize your diaper bag for quick changes and access to the necessities. When I was pregnant my big splurge for myself was this Pacapod Firenze Diaper Bag. I caught it one sale and while even then it was still pricey, it was worth it when it came to organizing all of Dean's things so that we weren't digging into a bottomless pit when it was time to feed, play, or go through security. I plan on doing a review of my bag soon and how we used it to get through security quickly! In the mean time, here is a more budget friendly version
  10. Forgive yourself in advance for whatever may happen and screw what other people think. Your baby just hates flying and the person sitting next to you is disgusted? So what. That person is a jerk and your kid has just as much of a right to fly as they have to take their shoes off and expose their nasty feet or encroach on your arm rest. You are amazing and are doing your best and for every person who doesn't get why you are flying with your infant, there are three mama's or grandmother's on your flight who get it and will lend a helping hand. You got this!

These tips really helped us get through traveling with our babe with our heads not spinning. If you have any other questions drop them below and I'll respond there or in an additional post. 

Weekly Dean v.18.

Week 18 and the cold is still hanging around. The first couple of coughs and sneezes were heart breaking but now its just plain sad. He had his four month appointment and during the time with our doctor we asked if there was anything else we should be doing and she pretty much said we were doing everything we could and had to wait it out. Sigh. I seriously would rather be the sick one instead. BUT the good news from his appointment is that he's developing perfectly. He's creeping up on 18 pounds and is just a tad short of 27 inches long. He's our big boy and we are super happy that despite his cold he's still our silly little nugget. 

Weekly Dean v.17.

Week 17! Nugget is growing like a weed and yes, we know how fast weeds grow because we recently had a backyard full of them! This week Nugget has come down with a cold so there hasn't been much time to do anything but smother him in kisses and suck snot out of his nose. Why is it that the first cold breaks your heart so much? With him in daycare we figured the colds and ickies would be coming but this came pretty fast! The good thing though, is that he's still his usual perky self so we can't complain!

Weekly Dean v.15.

I have no clue how my sweet little baby is almost four months. Moms is this how it happens? Are they born and then suddenly a year old? And then suddenly in high school? My little mama mind can't really process how fast this is all going. But, with every week that passes he learns something new and is getting even more excited! Still, the days of him being my little newborn are so long gone and it's kind of a bummer.

Today was a big day for our big boy as he started day care! I wasn't really sure how I would adjust to having him gone all day, but I have to admit it was refreshing to be able to truly lock into work and get some errands done. I think daycare is going to end up being really good for all of us. Instead of writing another post I'll just include his adorable first day pictures here. He did amazing by the way!

^ Every week I have a new favorite face that he makes. This one takes the cake! ^

^ Every week I have a new favorite face that he makes. This one takes the cake! ^

Weekly Dean v.14.

This week we have zero travel plans and we are all pretty grateful! Dean is settling back into his routine at home and I think he's happy about it as well. The biggest thing on our list this week is finding daycare for nugget. Up to this point we were able to balance both Mike and I working from home and taking care of Dean with the help of family who would help out but it's just not working anymore. He's more interactive and I have started feeling guilty when I have to stop playing to hop on a call for an hour. Until this mama can stay at home full time (not in the near future at all) we just feel like he'd be happier in daycare. We're going to check some out today so wish us luck!

Weekly Dean v.13

This was arguably the most action packed week of Dean's life. It was intense as I'm sure you've gathered from the posts here and on Instagram. Dean was on 4 flights and one 4 hour (each way) road trip, and quite honestly he handled it, for the most part, like a boss! I'm currently writing up the tips and tricks we used for traveling with an infant so I'll be sharing that soon! This week Dean met most of his family in California but is definitely looking forward to meeting the rest on our next trip out there! Capturing his special moments weekly but also with family has been so much fun!

^ I think this is his new favorite face... and mine too! ^

^ I think this is his new favorite face... and mine too! ^