One Thing / 5.


OTW brought to you by Mike for the first time!  I just want to say, “Nothing is like coming home to see my family.”  This time it was even more special cause there is a new member to the Ng clan.  It was great to get Kia around my father’s side of the family.  It just feels nice to collide all the worlds to create “Megatron” or our family.  So looking forward to the wedding where all the worlds will officially collide just makes me even happier.  Having everyone there really made me deeply think about family and the future with Kia.  Having family is great and to have everyone there to laugh and love each other just makes me feel like I am one of the luckiest individuals in the world.  Things will always happen in life but being there for family will always hold true and keep you grounded.  I am so excited to add all the families together and continue the love and support now from coast to coast.  I just want this OTW to reflect on family and how we will always continue to support and guide each other as a unit.


PS: Happy New Year! We pray that 2014 brings you all you've ever hoped for.

One Thing / 4.


This weeks OTW falls on Christmas which is very timely. What better time to show the holiday cards that we got made? To our family, they will be finding their way to you soon! This week my only thought is hoping that this is last Christmas Mike and I have to spend separately. Enjoy your holidays! Anyone have any amazing New Years plans?

As for the official OTW picture, the one below has found a special place in my heart.


One Thing / 3.


If it weren't for OTW this blog would be a little silent. You ever just get caught up living? It's a good problem to have and should definitely be held close because we all know there are times when it feels like you are just dragging along. When thinking yesterday about what I would post for OTW I had a completely different train of thought. I had just gotten news that my mom's godmother had passed (she taught me and my mother how to read). It was only about 2 weeks ago that my aunt passed as well. I was going to write about how Mike has been my rock and how helpful he's been to not only myself but also my family during this difficult time. You can't help but smile around him and it's hard to cry about the hurt when you have the sweetest brown eyes gazing back at you assuring you he will be there. It's pretty incredible.

I feel like I'm singing his praises all of the time but he truly is my anchor. He keeps me from losing my mind, crying my eyes out, being naive... And now, he's my fiancé. I am seriously the most blessed little girl in the world. Sometimes I'm moved to tears by the way God is working in my life. It seriously rocks me to my core. I pray that God's favor continues to cover Mike and I as we start this journey towards being husband and wife.

Mike and I will both be back to document our takes on the proposal but I will leave you with this; it was perfect.

One Thing / 2.


This OTW is brought to you by a conversation with a friend and a separate one with Mike. And actually, it came up in conversation with a different friend this week as well. I guess my peers are getting to the age of learning/wanting to share what defines relationships and what is needed to maintain them. The topic at hand in all of those conversations was what it means to really be naked.

On first thought I'm sure you're thinking taking your clothes off is what makes you naked and you're right. For some, being naked and sexual intimacy is as bare as it gets. We all have something that makes it feel like we're flashing the world if it's brought up. Mine happened this week.

For me, it was discussing finances. I am still anxious about the day that Mike and I combine both of our bills and debts into one spreadsheet. For me that's naked. More naked than anything else. I feel like it takes you right to the ugly parts. The parts you keep to yourself. Luckily for me, Mike saw my nakedness and took it in stride. Such a good man.

For others, naked might be introducing their significant other to their parents or sharing a secret that they hold close for whatever reason. Have you felt naked lately? Did you feel better afterward? I know I did!