Our Home After Three Years.

In my last post I dropped the bomb that we are moving to Utah! And while I know it's felt like something scary and drastic to some of our friends and family, I really am feeling positive that given some time, our new home (when we find or build one) will be a great place for us all. I love a good visitor! 

I've been meaning to share before and after (or in progress) shots of our home and we know how that goes. I'll get to it, turns into I meant to, which has now turned into dang it we are moving and I still haven't done it! These "after" shots were taken by our listing team and while a lot of the photos that make it personal to us (there was a gallery wall and everything!) are taken down, these do a good job representing our home! Today is also a super special day because it makes three years since we bought this gem of ours and we're really going to miss it. So let's jump right in. 


Our house is the first as you come into the neighborhood. We did landscaping, new styled shutters, and changed the paint color of the shutters and the door to a charcoal gray instead of black. 


This is our dining room! The wall to the left with the gold shelf had the bulk of our gallery wall of family photos and it spilled over to almost every wall in this picture. It was without a doubt my favorite part of this house and I can't wait to put it back up in Utah. Our house feels so bland without it!


When we moved in this room off what we use as our dining room, was the formal living room. We extended the hardwoods throughout the entire main floor, made this our office, added barn doors, and a murphy bed! This is where our grand parents stay if they come in town to visit. 


Oh our kitchen! We added more shelving, backsplash, new granite, new sink and facet, new stainless steel appliances, double oven, extended the island, and got all new lighting! This is one of the biggest transformations of the entire house. 


The first huge difference here is the hardwoods in place of the carpet. We also added our message board, and you can really see the gray wall color here that we used throughout the house. 


This is the patio right off the kitchen that is now the boys playroom! This space is their favorite. Fun fact: The flooring is the same turf that Mike and I walked down the aisle on at our wedding! I may just have to rip it up and take it with us, haha!


A cozy space for our favorite guests.


The boys room! There's an animal head wall with like 20 animals and the map on the wall was given to Dean as a gift before he was born by his Auntie Nesser!


Our master! We didn't make many big changes upstairs beyond the paint color and the light fixtures. Next on our list was going to be hardwoods upstairs and renovating the bathrooms!


Our back yard was literally a forest, complete with deer and everything. We took down all the trees, added a fire pit, and it's been the perfect space for parties, water ballon fights, and running through the sprinklers. We're really going to miss this home of ours. 


If you're friends with either Mike or I on Facebook or Instagram, you know by now that we just purchased our first home together! Guys, there is no amount of words that could justify how truly excited we are. We know that all thanks goes to God on providing for us in ways that we could never imagine. One of the messages from our pastor that stands out when I think about this season in our lives is, "remember Who it's from and Who it's for". I pray that as Mike and I grow into this house we stay grounded in the fact that Jesus is the reason. 

I can't wait to share with you guys our journey on getting this house because it was a roller coaster. We went from finding what we thought was our dream house back in June and have loved and hated a lot of houses since then. We've kept our house hunt on the low because seriously, it was hard enough to fall in love with a house and then watch it slip through your fingers without getting family and friends in on the emotional ride too. But we made it to the finish line with a home that will be perfect for us to grow into.

My plans are to share with you tips for house hunting, aka how not to fall into a deep depression when the house you love gets a full price offer before you can even finish the walk through. We'll also be back to share some before and after photos so you can see our progress as we tackle some of the projects we have in mind. It promises to be a really fun ride and we're hoping you'll stick around to be a part of it with us (and then maybe come have mimosa's with us in celebration... after Dean is born, of course!)!